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Documentation of Oral Tradition and Genealogy of Leading Families of Sikkim

This project essentially seeks to tap the oral tradition of Sikkim, and document events of import to Sikkim as recounted by the walking encyclopaedias of our Sikkimese heritage, the elders or ‘gyembos’.


It envisions visits to places of historical, religious and cultural significance and juxtaposing the modern arts of photography and videography with the ancient wisdom of the people to produce a well-researched and documented digital record as a lasting legacy for posterity that they may better know their roots and their cultural ethos.


A major section of this project focuses on the genealogy of leading Sikkimese families. The first phase of the project that focused on Gangtok and East District is already complete, and the next phases will see the project move to the other districts. All Sikkimese families that can trace their antecedents back to several generations are welcome to approach the Institute for inclusion of their family trees in the genealogical database.


The main aims of the project are to produce a visual record of all the findings. This will be placed in a central digital database at the Institute. A book is also on the anvil.


This project is being carried out by Tenzin C. Tashi (, Research Assistant, NIT.