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An Insight into the Life and Deeds of the 10th Chogyal Sidkyong Tulku (1879-1914)

This is an ongoing project on Chogyal Sidkyong Tulku, the 10th Maharaja of Sikkim.  Hardly any documents are available on the life and contributions of Chogyal Sidkyong Namgyal.  The main available record is found in the History of Sikkim (in Tibetan) written by Chogyal Thutob Namgyal and Maharani Yeshey Dolma. As the History of Sikkim only devotes a few pages to Chogyal Sidkyong Namgyal, there is a need to expand this existing short biography, highlighting the life and contributions of the Chogyal.  All scattered relevant materials are being collected and edited so as to provide a complete biography of the Maharaja.


Sidkeong Tulku
Sidkeong Tulku as Crown Prince


This research is being carried out by Mr Tashi Tenzing, Research Consultant, NIT.