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Bulletin of Tibetology 2022 Volume-53 No.1
1. Editorial Introduction : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
2. Drenjongke Phonology, Phonological Drenjongke and Roman Drenjongke : Kunzang Namgyal and George van Driem
3. History of Namchag Phodrang: Pemayangtse Monastery’s erstwhile retreat house : Jigme Wangchuk Bhutia
4. Portrait of a Vajra Siddhi: An introduction to the life and work of Bara Kagyu master Ajo Rinpoche (1856 – 1962) : Tenzing Longsel Barphungpa
5. Recreations of Rinzing Lhadripa Lama (1912 – 1977): The Identification and Iconographic Assessment of the Ajanta Hall Murals, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : Saom Miriam Malommu
6. Book Review: The Mandala Kingdom. A Political History of Sikkim Alex McKay, 2021 : John A. Ardussi
7. Kyabje Dodrubchen Rinpoche Thubten Trinley Palzang (1927 – 2022) : Acharya Tsultsem Gyatso and Tenzing Longsel Barphungpa
8. Remembering Barmiok Rinpoche Tashi Densapa (1942 – 2021) and his Contributions as Director (2002 – 2021), Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
9. Notes on Contributors



Bulletin of Tibetology 2021 Volume-52 No.1
Editorial Introduction
2. Writing a Royal Chronicle : PER K. SØRENSEN
3. Notes on Some Anomalies in Kazi Dawasamdup’s Unpublished Draft Translation of the Denjong Gyalrab – “The Royal History of Sikkim” : JOHN A. ARDUSSI
4. The Journey of the Book:
From Denjong Gyalrab to The Royal History of Sikkim
5. A Tale of Two Kangsopas: A Unique Tradition at Enchey Monastery : TENZING LONGSEL BARPHUNGPA
6. Provider and Destroyer of Life: Legendary and Historical Buddhist Perspectives on Water and Its Socio-Cultural Significance in Sikkim : MARLENE ERSCHBAMER
7. Book Review: The Royal History of Sikkim, A Chronicle of the House of Namgyal, As Narrated in Tibetan by Their Highnesses Chogyal Thutob Namgyal and Gyalmo Yeshe Dolma : ALEX MCKAY




Bulletin of Tibetology 2015 Volume-51 No.1 & 2
1 Buddhist Himalaya: Perspectives on the Tibetan Cultural Area : Marlene Erschbamer
2. “Throne-Holders of the Middle Valley”: Buddhist Teachers from Southern Dolpo : Franz-Karl Ehrhard
3. “Wild and Lawless Area?” Monastic Institutions in the Lacen Valley (North Sikkim, India) : Marlene Erschbamer
4. The Ritual of Mustang on the Suppression of Sri : Petra Maurer
5. The Development of the biographies of Gling ras pa Padma rdo rje (1128-1188) : Marco Walther
6. Song of Pure View by Karma Nor bu bzang po (1906-1984) An Embodiment of Teachings and Practices in his Ascetic Life : Yuan Zhong
7. Book Review: Kailas Histories: Renunciate Traditions and the Construction of Himalayan Sacred Geography by Alex McKay : Matthew Clark



Bulletin of Tibetology 2014 Volume-50 No.1 & 2
1. Exploring the Bhutan-Sikkim Himalayas: On research, interactions and origin myths : Jenny Bentley
2. Tracing Yarlung in South-Central Bhutan? Myths, Migrations, and Society: The community of Ngangla Trong in Lower Kheng : Francoise Pommaret
3. Carving Khenpo Ngaga’s Commentary on Yeshe Lama: A project of the National Library & Archives of Bhutan : Felicity Shaw
4. Aspects of Kidu in Bhutan : Brian C. Shaw
5. Stumbling on the Threshold: Annie R. Taylor’s tibetan Pioneer Mission, 1893-1907 : John Bray
6. The Monastry bKa’brgyuddgon gsar in the Chumbi Valley: The ‘Ba’ ra ba bKa’brgyud pa school and its connectiom with Sikkim : Marlene Erschbamer
7. The King’s Ritual and the Religious Power of the Untamed : Jenny Bentley
8. Notes on the Settlement of the Gongri River Valley of the Western Arunachal Pradesh : Timotheus A. Bodt



Bulletin of Tibetology 2013, Vol. 49 No. 1
1. Editorial Introduction: rNying ma Studies: Narrative and History : Franz-Karl Ehrhard
2. Nyang ral Nyi ma ’od zer and the Testimony of Ba : Lewis Doney
3. Lost and Found: A Fourteenth-Century Discussion of Then-Available : Jacob P Dalton
  on gNubs chen sangs rgyas ye shes
4. Tibetan perceptions of a foreign cult : The Sandalwood Statue of : Franz-Karl Ehrhard
   Buddha Sakyamuni, known as the Tsan dan Jo bo.
5. History of the Forgotten Mother-Monastery of the rNying ma School: : Marc-Henri Deroche
dPal ri Monastery in
the Tibetan “Valley of the Emperors”
6. Sojourning in the “Valley of Happiness”: : Nikolai Solmsdorf
Shedding New Light on the sbas yul sKyid mo lung
Book Review
7. Opening the Hidden Land. State Formation and the Construction of Sikkimese History : Françoise Pommaret
8. Note on Contributors. : Saul Mullard


Bulletin of Tibetology 2013, Vol. 49 No. 2
1. Perceptions and Effects of Indian Independence on the Indo-Tibetan Frontier : Alex McCay
2. The ’Ba’ ra ba Teachings Reach the Hidden Land of Demojong (’Bras mo ljongs): : Marlene Erschbamer
Mahāsiddha dKon mchog rgyal mtshan (1601-1687) and the
Taming of Demons in Chungthang
3. Disambiguating Tibetan Verb Stems with Matrix Verbs in the Indirect Infinitive Construction on gNubs chen sangs rgyas ye shes : Edward Garrett, Nathan W. Hill, Abel Zadoks
Reports from the Field
4. An Introduction to Lepcha Musical Instruments and Songs : Azalea Birch
5. Lhamo Ekajati: The Spiritual Symbol of Indo-Bhutan Relations : Tshering Tashi
dPal ri Monastery in the Tibetan “Valley of the Emperors”
6. Rinzing Lhadripa Lama (1912–1977) and the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology’s Ajanta Hall : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
7. The Lives of the 3rd and 4th Lachen Gomchens:
Ngawang Kunsang Rinpoche (1867-1947) and Kunsang Youngdol Wangpo (1949-2012)
8. The Sikkimese Khenpo Dechen Dorjee (1937-2012)
9. Note on Contributors


Bulletin of Tibetology 2012, Vol. 48 No. 1
1. A word from the Guest Editor. : Roberto Vitali
2. Sidkyong Tulku and the making of Sikkim for hte 1911 Delhi Durbar. : Emma Martin
3. A short communication about the 1908 ’Bras ljongs rgyal rabs : Tashi Tshering
4. Tibetan perceptions of a foreign cult : The Sandalwood Statue of : Roberto Vitali
   Buddha Sakyamuni, known as the Tsan dan Jo bo.



Bulletin of Tibetology 2012, Vol. 48 No. 2
1. A word from the Guest Editor. : Roberto Vitali
2. Spirit Mediumship in Upper Tibet. : John Vincent Bellezza
  the Vocation of one expert Practitioner
3. Lamayuru (Ladakh) – Chenrezik Lhakhang : : Kristin Blancke
  The Bar do thos grol Illustrated as a Mural Painting.
4. An Introduction to Music to Delight all the Sages, : Stacy Van Vleet
   the medical history of Brag dkar rta so sprul sku chos
   kyi dbang phyug (1775-1837)
5. In Memory of Elise Gene Smith (1936 – 2010)
Book Reviews
6. dGon rabs kun gsal nyi snang, The History of Ladakh Monasteries
’Jam dbyangs rgyal mtshan ed
: Roberto Vitali



Bulletin of Tibetology 2011, Vol. 47 No. 1 & 2
1. Editorial introduction : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
Part 1: Science and Buddhism
2. Education, contemplative practice and neuroscience: : Richard J. Davidson
toward a synthesis
3. Ask not what Buddhism can do for cognitive science; : Jay L. Garfield
Ask what cognitive science can do for Buddhism
4. Remarks concerning possible relationships between science : Laurent Nottale
and Buddhism on two levels: 1
I. Fundamental principles, and II. Method
Part II: Reports from the Field: The Earthquake, the Monasteries and the Conservation of our Heritage
5. Broken shrines: Sikkim’s monastic heritage after the earthquake : Chetan Raj Shrestha
6. Historic evolution of the Sikkimese monastery : Gary Chopel
7. Between the earthquakes stands a monastery : Kerry Little
8. The Precious Ocean of Amazing Faith: The history and : Hissey Wongchuk Bhutia
     practices of Chumpong mani lhakhang (temple)
9. Bhutan’s National Archives: Preserving the past, : Felicity Shaw
     building the future
Book Review
10. Sikkim. Ethnicity and Political Dynamics. A Triadic : Mélanie Vandenhelsken
     Perspective. Suresh Kumar Gurung
11. André Alexander (1965-2012)
     Scholar of Tibetan architecture
12. André Alexander:
     Message from Princess Hope Leezum
13. Richard Keith Sprigg (1922-2011)
     Linguist and scholar of Lepcha language



Bulletin of Tibetology 2009 / 2010
Vol 45 No.2 & Vol. 46 No. 1
The dragon and the hidden land:
 Social and Historical studies in Bhutan and Sikkim
 Bhutan-Sikkim panel at the 12th seminar of the international
association for Tibetan studies, Vancouver 2010
1. Sikkim and Bhutan: An Introduction : Saul Mullard
2. Repaying a ‘Debt’ with Land, Grain and Taxes: : Saul Mullard
Yug Phyogs thub and his service to Bhutan
during the Sino-Nepalese War
3. “A Difficult Country, a Hostile Chief, and : Alex McKay
a Still More Hostile Minister”:
The Anglo-Sikkim War of 1861
4. Alliances and Power in Central Bhutan: : Françoise Pommaret
A narrative of religion, prestige and wealth (mid 19th –
mid 20th centuries)
5. “Official Graffiti” and the Regulation of : Richard W Whitecross
Everyday Life in Urban Bhutan:
A view from below
6. The use of Festival Gestures to spread awareness : Hakan Sandgren
  &nbspof HIV / AIDS in Bhutan:Atsaras as social Messengers
7. Chilli Transactions in Bhutan : : Akiko Ueda & Tashi Samdup
An econonic, Social and cultural perspective.
8. The Lepcha Padim of Lingko, Dzongu, North Sikkim : Anna Balikci – Denjongpa;
9. Narrations of Contest : Competition among representatives of local : Jenny Bentley
Lepcha belief and Guru Rimpoche in Sikkim
10. Notification of Ethnicity in Sikkim : ‘Tribilalism’ in Progress.
11. Notes on Contributors.



Bulletin of Tibetology 2010, Vol. 46 No. 2
International Conference, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology.
Gangtok, Sikkim 20 – 23 December 2010
1. Conference opening Address : H.H The Dalai Lama
2. Conference Opening Address : Balmiki Prasad Singh, H. E The Governor of Sikkim
1. The Bahudhā Approach: A Path Towards a Harmonious World : Balmiki Prasad Singh, H. E The Governor of Sikkim
2. Ways to Achieve the Goals of Education: : Adele Diamond
Insights from the neuro-sciences, psychology and teaching.
3. Schooling, Identity and Citizenship Education: : Meenakshi Thapan
an ethnographic study
4. Social Emotional Learning and Education. : Jean K Miller
5. Meditation of Dependant Origination : Khenpo Ngawang Jorden
6. Note on Contributors


Bulletin of Tibetology 2009 (May), Vol. 45 No. 1
1. Editorial introduction : Daniel A. Hirshberg
2. The Jonangpa after Tāranātha: Auto/biographical Writings : Michael R. Sheehy
on the Transmission of Esoteric Buddhist Knowledge
in Seventeenth Century Tibet
3. Introduction to the Life of Karma Pakshi (1204/6-1283) : Charles E. Manson
4. Karmic Foreshadowing on the Path of Fruition: Narrative : Daniel A. Hirshberg
Devices in the Biographies of Nyang ral nyi ma ’od zer
Book Reviews
5. Esoteric Buddhism at Dunhuang: Rites and Teachings : Joel Gruber
for This Life and Beyond. Edited by Matthew T. Kapstein
and Sam van Schaik
6. Lamas, Shamans and Ancestors: Village Religion in Sikkim. : Anne de Sales
Anna Balikci


Bulletin of Tibetology 2008, Vol. 44 No. 1 & 2
1. “Turning the Wheel of the Dharma in Zhing sa Va lung”: : Franz-Karl Ehrhard
The dPal ri sPrul skus (17th to 20th centuries)
2. Narrations about a yogī in Sikkim : Mélanie Vandenhelsken
3. Buddhism in the Himalayan belt : P.K. Gautam
4. Tibet today: a region of China : Sonam Wangdi
5. Láso múng sung: Lepcha oral tradition as a reflexion of culture : Jenny Bentley
Sikkimese biographies
6. S. Mahinda Thero: the Sikkimese who gave Lankans : Pema Wangchuk
their freedom song
7. A Brief Biography of Kazi Dawa Samdup (1868-1922) : Dasho P.W. Samdup
8. Conference Report: Golden Jubilee Conference of the Namgyal : John Bray
Institute of Tibetology, Gangtok, Sikkim, 1-5 October 2008
9. Recent acquisitions to the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : Saul Mullard
holdings and future publications
10. The British Residency in the Himalayan State of Sikkim: : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
a heritage building restored to its former glory
Book Reviews
11. Bahudhā and the Post 9/11 World. Balmiki Prasad Singh : Alex McKay
12. A Rosary of Rubies: The chronicle of the Gur-rigs mDo-chen : Saul Mullard
Tradition from South-Western Tibet. Franz-Karl Ehrhard
13. Tibetan Modernities: Notes from the Field on Cultural and : Mark Turin
Social Change. Edited by Robert Barnett and Ronald Schwartz
14. Princess Pema Tsedeun of Sikkim (1924-2008)
Founder Member, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
15. Tashi T. Topden (1948-2009)
Director, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology 1995-2002


Bulletin of Tibetology 2007
Vol. 43 No. 1 & 2
1. Editorial introduction : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
2. When Nurkit returns : Charisma K. Lepcha
3. In awe of so many múng: Halfdan Siiger in the Sikkim Himalayas : Heleen Plaisier
4. Lepchas and their hydel protest : Pema Wangchuk
5. Change and cultural revival in a mountain community of Sikkim : Jenny Bentley
6. Lepcha hunters’ narratives of their hidden landscapes : Kerry Little
Book Review
7. Khangchendzonga: Sacred Summit. Pema Wangchuk : Brigitte Steinmann
and Mita Zulca
8. Dzongsar Ngari Chödje Thingo Rinpoche (1945-2008)
In English by Susanne von der Heide
In Tibetan by Kunga Yonten Hochotsang



Bulletin of Tibetology 2006
Vol. 42 No. 1 & 2
1. Editorial introduction : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
2. The Garden of Liberation: : Ven Khenpo L Tshering
 a brief account of the manner in which, in the celestial realm of Sikkim, the sNang   Sog
 Gong lineage spread and the 5th Dalai Lama
 left his mark on the rNying ma teachings (in
3 Short biographies of three Tibetan lamas and their activities  in Sikkim: : Tsultsem Gyatso Acharya
The 14th Dalai Lama
Sakya Trichen (Sa skya gong ma sGrol ma phobrang) Jamyang Khyentse  Chokyi  Lodroe
 (’Jam dbyangs  mkhyen brtse  Chos kyi
blo gros)
4. Tibetan masters and the formation of the sacred site of Tashiding : Mélanie Vandenhelsken
5. Women in the diplomatic game: : Alice Travers
Preliminary notes on the matrimonial link of the Sikkim  royal family with Tibet   (13th-20th centuries)
 (in French)
6. Khandro Rinpoche Pema Dechen (1923-2006)
(in English and Tibetan)
7. Eleanor Hopkinson (1905-2007)


Bulletin of Tibetology 2005 (November)
Vol. 41 No.2
1. Editorial introduction : Anna Balikci-Denjongpa
2. The mNga’ bdag family and the tradition of Rig ’dzin zhig : Franz-Karl Ehrhard
po gling pa (1524-1583) in Sikkim
3. The ‘Tibetan’ formation of Sikkim: Religion, politics and : Saul Mullard
the construction of a coronation myth
4. A short biography of four Tibetan lamas and their : Tsultsem Gyatso Acharya
activities in Sikkim
Book Review
5. In the Shadow of the Himalayas: Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim: : Mark Turin
A Photographic Record by John Claude White 1883-1908.
Kurt Meyer and Pamela Deuel Meyer
6. Dr Rigzin Ngodup Dokhangpa (1943-2005), : Sonam Thinlay
Research Officer, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology


Bulletin of Tibetology 2004 (May)
Vol. 40 No.1
1. Pilgrimage and incest: the case of  Chorten Nyima : Dr. Katia Buffetrille
(mChod rten nyi ma) on the Tibeto-Sikkimese border
2. Yul and yul lha: the territory and its deity in Bhutan : Dr. Françoise Pommaret
3. Sur la tendance aux métaphores visuelles: : Dr. Brigitte Steinmann
 aller voir lHa btsun chen po au  Sikkim
4. The dzumsa (‘dzoms sa) of Lachen: an example : Sophie Bourdet-Sabatier
of a Sikkimese political institution
translation : Dr. A. Balikci-Denjongpa


Bulletin of Tibetology 2004 (November)
Vol. 40 No.2
1. Cosmopolitanism in the Himalayas: the intellectual and : Annabella Pitkins
spiritual journeys of Khu nu bLa ma sTan ‘dzin rgyal
mtshan and his Sikkimese teacher, Khang gsar ba
bLa ma O rgyan bstan ‘dzin Rin po che
2. The indigenisation of western medicine in Sikkim : Dr. Alex McKay
3. King Arthur comes to Tibet: Frank Ludlow and : Michael Rank
the English school in Gyantse, 1923-26


Bulletin of Tibetology 2003 (May)
Vol. 39 No.1
1. Praise to the lineage of H.E.Yangthang Rinpoche: : Gos. Pema Gyaltsen
 mDo mang gter ston of Khams
2. Brag dkar bKra shis sdings kyi sku ‘bum: : Saul Mullard
the text, the author, the stupa and its importance
 in the formation of religious politics in Sikkim
3. Origins of the Bumchu  (bum chu) of Drakar Tashiding (Brag dkar bKra shis sdings) : Dr. Rigzin N. Dokhampa
4. A pilgrim’s guide to the Hidden Land of Sikkim proclaimed as a treasure by Rig ‘dzin : Dr. Martin J Boord
  rgod kyi ldem ‘phru can
5. Secularism and the Buddhist monastery of : Dr. Mélanie Vandenhelsken
Pemayangtse in Sikkim
6. sBas yul ‘bras mo ljongs: the hidden valley : Dr. Rigzin N. Dokhampa
of Sikkim English translation by : Thupten Tenzin
7. Book Review: “A saga of Sikkim’s supremely : Dr. Françoise Pommaret
revered four pioneer Nyingmapa reincarnates and
their torchbearers” by Khenpo L. Tshering



Bulletin of Tibetology 2003 (November)
Vol. 39 No.2
1. Editorial : Dr. A. Balikci-Denjongpa
2. Kah thog pa bSod nams rgyal mtshan (1466-1540)
and his activities in Sikkim and Bhutan : Dr. Franz-Karl Ehrhard
3. ‘That he may take due pride in the empire to which he belongs’: : Dr. Alex McKay
the education of Maharajah Kumar Sidkeon Namgyal Tulku of Sikkim
 4. The Brag dkar pa family and g.Yang thang rdzong an example   of internal  alliances in Sikkim  : Saul Mullard
5. Constructing Sikkimese national identity in the 1960s and 1970s : Jackie Hiltz



Bulletin of Tibetology 2002 No.1
1. Development of different schools of thought in Buddhism : Dr. Ashwani Kumar
2. Karmapas: a historical and philosophical introduction : Dr. Ashwani Kumar
3. Cha yig Rinpoche: the armour of benefit and comfort : Dr. Chowang Acharya
4. Ye shes sde: a great Tibetan scholar and saint : Dr. Shrab Rhaldi
5. Buddha karak dharmon ka Sangraha : Dr P. G. Yogi




Bulletin of Tibetology 2002 (November)
Vol. 38 No.2
1. Kang chen dzo nga: secular and Buddhist perceptions : Dr. A. Balikci-Denjongpa
of the mountain deity of Sikkim among the Lhopos
2. Marriage customs and practices of the Me rag Sag : Dasho Tenzin Dorje
steng nomads (‘brog pa) of Bkra shis sgang,
Eastern Bhutan (in Tibetan)


Bulletin of Tibetology 2001 No.1
1. The Buddha : Prof. P.G. Yogi
2. Dus chen ngos ‘dzin dang phyag mchod
     byas pa’i phan yon (Tibetan) : Gos Pema Gyaltsen


Bulletin of Tibetology 2001 No.2
1. The Paramitas : Prof. P.G. Yogi
2. The monastery and crafts of Sikkim : Dr. Maitreyee Choudhury &
  Kamal B. Choudhury


Bulletin of Tibetology 2001No.3
1. The attainment of the buddhahood and bodhisattvas : Prof. P.G. Yogi
2. Bhot deshiya vibhinna Boudha Sampradhyon-ki Utpatti : Dr. Chowang Acharya
3. sNyan ngag gsar rnyin dbar rtsom rig gi
     khyad gnad (Tibetan) : Gos Pema Gyaltsen


Bulletin of Tibetology 2000 No.1-3
1. Reincarnation and politics in Tibet : Dr. Karubaki Datta
2. The doctrine of Kaya (Trikaya) : Prof. P.G. Yogi
3. The vedic and Buddhist concept of “Dharma” : Prof. P.G. Yogi
4. A short biography of rNal ‘byor ched bzhi (Tibetan) : Dr. Rigzin Ngodup


Bulletin of Tibetology 1999 No.1
Asoka Volume
(Text by Acharya Samten Gyatso Lepcha, translation by Thupten Tenzing)
1. rGyalpo Ashoka’i lo rgyus mdor bsdus pa (Tibetan version)
2. A chronicle of King Asoka (English version)



Bulletin of Tibetology 1999 No.2
1. Biography of Terton Rigzin god kyi dem
Dem ‘Phru can 1337-1408 (Tibetan version) : Dr. Rigzin Ngodup
2. Universal suffering : Prof. P.G. Yogi



Bulletin of Tibetology 1999 No.3
1. An introdution to rTse in Tibetan Buddhism
astrology and horoscope : Tenzing Norbu Sithar
2. Drowa Regdruk: six realms of life : Tenzing Norbu Sithar
3. Cessation and the way (Nirodha-Magga) : Prof. P.G. Yogi
4. Bhagwan Buddha ke tri kaya: ek samiksha : Prof. P.G. Yogi
5. Notes & Topics: “Three divine bodies: Trikaya” : Prof. P.G. Yogi


Bulletin of Tibetology 1998 No.1
1. sBas yul bras mo ljongs (Tib) : Dr R. Ngodup
2. Bod kyis nyna ngag gi lo rgyus mdor bsdus (Tib/Eng) : Acharya Tsultsem Gyatso
3. Buddha tantra Vajrayana ki samiksha (Hindi) : Prof. P.G. Yogi
4. The three fundamental yanas: the symbol of ultimate goal : Acharya S.G. Dokhanm
5. Notes and topics: (a) “Apotheosis of Tantra” : B. Ghosh
6. Notes and topics: (b) “Buddhism as I understood” : Tsewang Tamding



Bulletin of Tibetology 1998 No.2
1. Aspects of monastic education in Sikkim : Dr. Chowang Acharya
2. Buddhism and Bon : Tsewang Tamding
3. Adhunik yug mein Dharmon ki bhumika (Hindi) : Prof. P.G. Yogi
: Dr. Ashwani Kumar



Bulletin of Tibetology 1998No.3
1. Humanism in Buddhism
2. Sikkim: the hidden holy land and its sacred lakes : Dr. Chowang Acharya/
   Acharya S. G. Dokhanm
3. Analysis of Tantrayana (Vajrayana) : Prof. P.G. Yogi
4. Notes and topics : Acharya S. G. Dokhanm



Bulletin of Tibetology 1997 No.1
1. Some language traits in the Ladwags version of the Gesar epic : Smt. Anandmayee Ghosh
2. Buddha’s approach towards woman status : Ashwani Kumar/N. Singh
3. An introduction to the perfection of wisdom : Thupten Tenzing
4. Himalayan drama : B. Ghosh
5. Bharatiya darshanme nirvana ka svarup – ek adhyayan : P.G. Yogi
6. Notes and topics (i): “The responsibility of a Buddhist : K. Thinlay Gyaltsen
      in present day world” – i
7. Notes and topics (ii): “The responsibility of a Buddhist : N. Tsering Gensapa
     in present day world” – ii
8. Notes and topics (iii): “Activities of SRIT” : B. Ghosh/Tenzin Samphel
9. Notes and topic (iv) “Obituary- : B. Ghosh
Prof. N.C. Sinha – The founder director SRIT:
an appraisal of his contribution



Bulletin of Tibetology 1997 No.2
1. Promotion of Sanskrit studies in Sikkim : Prof. S.K. Pathak
2. Trends in the development of Buddhism : Biswanath Banerjee
3. Some human aspects promulgated among the Tibetans : Buddhadev Bhattacharya
     with reference to Za ma tog bskod pa (Karandavyuha)
4. The concepts of vajra and its symbolic transformation : B. Ghosh
5. (a) The jhanas in the theravada Buddhism : P.G. Yogi
(b)  Sthavirvadi Boudha sadhana (Hindi) : P.G. Yogi
6. Notes and topics (a): “On Tibetology” : Maharaj P.T. Namgyal
Notes and topics (b): “Sanskrit and Tibetan” : Maharaj P.T. Namgyal
Notes and topics (c): “On Buddhistcs (hybrid) Sanskrit” : Dr. Sukumar Sen
Notes and topics (d): Sanskrit across the Himalayas : Prof. N.C. Sinha
7. Major art books of SRIT



Bulletin of Tibetology 1997No.3
1. A short biography of Shariputra : Acharya Samten G. Lepcha
translated by Thupden Tenzing


Bulletin of Tibetology 1996 No.1
1. His Holiness the late XVIth Gyalwa Karmapa : P.B. Chakrabarty
2. Karma and rebirth : Thubten Tenzing
3. Review of socio-political development in Tibet (600-1950) : Dr. Yeshi Choeden
4. Buddhist hymnal : B. Ghosh
5. Catalogue of the collected works of H.H. the Vth Dalai Lama : Tenzin Samphe
6. Notes and topics: “A brief account of the life of : Dr. Rigzin N. Dokham
     mNga’s bdag sems dpa’ chen po (1591-1656A.D.)”



Bulletin of Tibetology 1996 No.2
1. The Tibetan literature and its development : Prof. S.K. Pathak
2. A review of sources of history of Tibet : B. Ghosh



Bulletin of Tibetology 1996No.3
1. A survey of Tibetan paper currency (1912-1959) : Wolfgang Bertsch
2. (i)  Cultural history of Ladakh pt.i : Mrs Kamala Mukherjee
(ii) Gonpas on the way from Srinagar to Leh pt. ii : Mrs Kamala Mukherjee
3. Notes and topics: (a) Maha sidhi of modern : S.D. Tshering
     Sikkim: ven lama Choda alias Labrang Gomchen
4. Notes and topics: (b) “Monasteries of Sikkim” : N. Dorjee
5. Notes and topics: (c) “bKra shis ldhing” : N. Dorjee



Bulletin of Tibetology 1995
(Seminar volume)
1. Guru Padmasambhava’s contribution to the : Khenpo Dechen Dorjee
     establishment of Dharma tradition in Sikkim
2. Guru Padmasambhava’s contribution to the genesis : Acharya Dr. Chowang
     of Buddhism in Sikkim
3. A brief historical introduction of the esoteric : Sang-Kyun-Sun
     Buddhism in Korea
4. Significance of the eight manifestations of Guru Rimpoche : Prof. G. Gyatso
5. Guru Padmasambhava’s contribution to Sikkim : Acharya Dupgay Lepcha
6. The contribution of Guru Rimpoche to Sikkim : Pintso Bhutia
7. Guru Rimpoche and Lamaism in Sikkim : Dr. Narendra Kumar Dash
8. A study of Buddhism in Sikkim : Dr. Bimalendra Kumar
9. Guru Rimpoche’s contribution to Sikkim : Ahmad Saeed
10. Padmasambhava and his work : Dr. Bhakti De
11. The universal guru: the Lord of Sukhasan : Satpurananda Avadhuta
12. Padmasambhava and his mission in Tibet : Ajay Kumar Agarwal
13. Guru Rimpoche and his visit to Sikkim : Prof. N. Jinpa
14. A focus on cultural aspects of Sikkim : Jagatpati Sarkar
15. Cultural evolution of Sikkim: a survey : Dr. Yeshi Choeden
16. Cultural heritage of Sikkim : Smt. Talat Saeed
17. Cultural aspects of Sikkim : Smt Rachna Ghulati
18. Some aspects of Bhotia culture in Sikkim : Dr. Bandana Mukherjee
19. 1826: the end of an era in the social and : Dr. R.K. Sprigg
     political history of Sikkim
20. Cultural identity of Sikkim: a historical perspective : Dr. Kapileshwar Labh
21. Buddhist educational concepts with special reference to : S.N. Agnihotri
     Sikkimese monastic education
22. Monastic dance in Rumtek Monastery : Anandmayee Ghosh
23. Folk songs and dances of Sikkim : Kripal Singh
24. Dajong ka (the language of Sikkim) : Prof. S.K. Pathak
25. The Sikkimese Bhutia language or Denjong Ke : Prof. S. Norboo


Bulletin of Tibetology 1994 No.1
1. Asoka’s dhamma: a testomony of monuments : N.C. Sinha
2. Tibetan medicine: its humour and elements : Marianne Winder
3. The Svadisthana-karama of Sarahapa (-Da) : Prof. S.K. Pathak



Bulletin of Tibetology 1994 No.2
1. Asoka’s Dharma : N.C. Sinha
2. Life of his Holiness the Vth Dalai Lama : Acharya Samten Gyatso
        “Ngag dbang blo bzang rgya mtsho
(1617-1682 A.D.)
3. Parallelism between Indo-Iranian (Soma) : Phani B. Chakraborty
     “Haoma” rituals of the Lepchas of Sikkim
4. Buddhist hymnal : B. Ghosh
5. Notes and topics:
     (i)    Obituary: Mayum Chonying Wangmo Dorji : Dr. Lama T.D. Bhutia
     (ii)   Introducing new director : B. Ghosh
     (iii)  Book review : B. Ghosh



Bulletin of Tibetogy 1994No.3
1. A short history of Buddhist logic in Tibet : Dr. Sanjit Kumar Sadhukhan
2. Notes and topics: Note on the biography of Lha btsun- : Dr. Rigzin N. Dokham
     nam mkha ‘jgs med (1597-1650A.D)



Bulletin of Tibetology 1993
(Aspects of classical Tibetan medicine)
1. Preface : Rechung Rinpoche
2. General introduction : Marrianne Winder
3. Tibetan psychiatry and mental health : Dr. Terry Clifford
4. Diagnosis and therapy according to the rgyud bzi : Dr. Elisabeth Finckh
5. The past, present and future life in Tibetan medicine : Ven.Trogawa Rinpoche
6. Some Tibetan medical Thankas : Prof. E.R. Emerick
7. Certain problems of embryology according : Dr. Nawang Dakpa
     to the Tibetan medical tradition
8. Written and printed sources for the study of Mongolian medicine : Prof. Charles R. Bawden


Bulletin of Tibetology 1992 No.2
1. Mention of Tibetan kings in some documents from Tunhuang : H.E. Richardson
2. The life of Sum pa mkhan po (1704-1788): : Dr.S.K. Sadhukhan
       The celebrated author of dpag bsam ljon bzang
3. Tibetan scholars in the Yuan court of China: : Jayeeta Gangopadhyay
       influx of the Mongols in China



Bulletin of Tibetology 1992No.3
1. gShen : Prof. Siegbert Hummel
2. The genealogy of the great Mongol king Kau sri han : Dr.S.K. Sadhukhan
        alias bsTan ‘dzin chos rgyal (1582-1654)
3. Origin of Bhumchu of Dakhar Tashiding : Dr. Rigzin Ngodup
4. Concepts of Prajna and Upaya : B. Ghosh
5. Notes and Topics: “Dharamaraja Asoka” : N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1991 No.1-3
1. Statuary metals in Tibetan and the Himalayas : Dr. Erberto Lo Bue
     history, tradition and modern use
2. Casting of devotional images in the Himalayas: : Dr. Erberto Lo Bue
     history, tradition and modern techniques
3. Notes and topics: “With acknowledgement” : J.K. Rechung


Bulletin of Tibetology 1990 No.1-3
1. Sakyamuni’s final Nirvana : David L. Snellgrove
2. Buddharupa: observation on the evolution of Buddha image : Nirmal C. Sinha
3. Hinayana and Mahayana: a broad outline : A.C. Banerjee
4. Vaidurya : Marrianne WInder
5. The conflict between the Buddhist and the : Dr. S.K. Sadhukhan
        Naiyayika philosophers: a brief survey
6. The Buddhist paintings and iconography according to : J.K. Rechung
        Tibetan sources
7. Notes and topics : H.R. Bhattacharya
Book review “Sangs rgyas stong”



Bulletin of Tibetology 1989 No.1
1. The origin of the Tibetan kingdom : H.E. Richardson
2. Nag tsho tshul khrims rgyal ba’s bstod pa : Dr. Helmut Eimer
        brgyad cu pa in its extant version
3. Srid pa’i khor lo (the wheel of life) : J.K. Rechung
4. Notes and topics: “Summary of the wheel of life” : J.K. Rechung



Bulletin of Tibetology 1989 No.2
1. Tibetan medicine : Marianne Winder
2. Nisraya and Dhutanga in Buddhist tradition : Jayeeta Ganguly
3. A Dharani – Mantra in the Vinaya -Vastu : S.K. Pathak
4. Notes and topics: “bRgyud bzhi” : J.K. Rechung



Bulletin of Tibetology 1989No.3
1. Early Tibetan law concerning dog-bite : H.E. Richardson
2. Rebirth in Buddhist logic : J.K. Rechung
3. Stupas of previous Buddhas : B. Ghosh
4. Notes and topics: “Rebirth in Buddhist logic” : J.K. Rechung


Bulletin of Tibetology 1988 No.1
1. Sahasra Buddha : N.C. Sinha
2. Tibetan lamas in western eyes : H.E. Richardson
3. The going for refuge Sutra : Kenneth Liberman



Bulletin of Tibetology 1988 No. 2
1. More early inscriptions from Tibet : H.E. Richardson
2. Development of the Kalachakra system in later Buddhism : Biswanath Banerjee
3. Notes and topics: “Kalachakra Tantra” : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1988 No.3
1. Malli ka : Marianne Winder
2. Madhyama – Satka by Maitrigupta : Dr. Mark Tatz
3. Atisa Dipankara Srijana : J.K. Rechung
4. Notes and topics: “Atisa the tantric initiate” : J.K. Rechung



Bulletin of Tibetology 1987 No.1
1. Inner Asia and India through the ages : N.C. Sinha
2. Chos-dbying rdo rje: the Tenth Black Hat Karmapa : H.E. Richardson



Bulletin of Tibetology 1987 No.2
1. The Simla Convention 1914: a Chinese puzzle : N.C. Sinha
2. Bodhipatha Pradipa : Derge Tanjur
3. Buddha Dipankara twenty fourth predecessors of Gautama : B. Ghosh
4. Notes and topics: “Simla Convention” : J.K. Rechung



Bulletin of Tibetology 1987No.3
1. Early Tibetan inscriptions: some recent discoveries : H.E. Richardson
2. A preface to Mahayana icononography : N.C. Sinha
3. The offences and retributions in the Vinayapitaka : Jayeeta Ganguly
4. Notes and topics: “contents in this number” : B. Ghosh
5. Tibetology contra Nepalese : N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1986 No.1
1. What constitute the importance of Atisa : N.C. Sinha
2. The Tibetan tradition of geography : Turrel V. Wylie
3. Uttarakuru : Buddha Prakash
4. Notes and topics: “Uttarukuru in Tibetan tradition” : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1986 No.2
1. Again: on Atisa’s Bodhipathapradipa : Helmut Eimer
2. Bodhipatha pradipa : Derge Tanjur
3. Nucleus of tantra in Pali Vinaya-Pitaka : Prof. S.K. Pathak
4. Inventory of Tibetan historical literature : N.C. Sinha
5. Notes and topics: “Tantra in Mahayana texts” : B. Ghosh / N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1986No.3
1. Buddha in art: from symbol to image : Kalyan K. Ganguli
2. Tibetan lamas in western eyes : H.E. Richardson
3. A note on Atisa Dipankara and the geographical : H.B. Sarkar
    personality of Suvarnadvipa
4. Notes and topics: “Stupa symbol” : N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology   1985 No.1
1. The tradition of treasured text teachings : Phuntsok Tshering
2. On Bodhipathapradipa : Helmut Eimer
3. Five great founder Lama of Sakya order : Kunga Y. Hochotshang
4. Notes and topics: “Tradition and traditional sources” : J.K. Rechung / N.C. Sinha
5. Book review : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1985 No.2
1. Considerations on tantric spirituality : Thubten Tenzing
2. Emergence of Kalachakra Tantra : B. Ghosh
3. Dharma Tantra and Atisa : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1985No.3
1. Names and titles in early Tibetan records : Hugh Edward Richardson
2. India in ‘dZam gling rgyas bshad. : Lama Sherab Rhaldi
3. Notes and topics: “On names and titles” : N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1984 No.1
1. The message of Buddha
2. Buddhism and Tibetology : Marianne Winder
3. The universal man : Nirmal C. Sinha
4. Csoma de Koros: a dedicated life : Hirendranath Mukherjee
5. Articles of Tibet trade 1784 : N.C. Sinha
6. Polymath’s travelling baggage : J.K. Rechung
7. Publications through twenty-five years : J.K. Rechung / N.C. Sinha
8. Notes and topics: “Losar” : J.K. Rechung /N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1984 No.2
1. India in ‘dZam gling rgyas bshad : Lama Sherab Rhaldi
2. The dictionary of Csoma de Koros : Lama Chimpa
3. Bodong phyog las rnam rgyal : J.K. Rechung
4. About Dipankara Atisa : Nirmal C. Sinha
5. Notes and topics: “Geographical notices of India” : J.K. Rechung / N.C. Sinha
6. Book reviews : Nirmal C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1984No.3
1. In memorioum : J.K. Rechung/N.C. Sinha
2. On Tibetology : N.C. Sinha
3. Bengal and Tibet trade : Arabinda Deb
4. Ten priceless images : N.C. Sinha
5. Notes and topics: “Relics of Asokan monks” : J.K. Rechung/N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1983 December
(Silver Jubilee inauguration number)
1. Prime Minister inaugurates Silver Jubilee : Shri Homi J H Taleyarkhan
2. Tibetan Studies in modern India : N.C. Sinha
3. Bodong phyog las rnam rgyal : J.K. Rechung
4. Peace and war in man’s mind : N.C. Sinha
5. Aspects of Buddhism : J.K. Rechung / N.C. Sinha
6. Publications through twenty years : J.K. Rechung / N.C. Sinha
7. On record: Silver Jubilee years
8. List of publications



Bulletin of Tibetology 1982 No.1
Karmapa commemoration volume
1. The godliness of Buddhism : H. Excellency Homi J.H.-
2. Life story of H.H. the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa : H. Eminence Jamgon Kongt-rul Rimpoche
3. The Kagyupa Sect : Dr. A.C. Banerjee
4. Memories of Tshurphu : H.E. Richardson
5. The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa: his divine personality : B. Ghosh
6. Six yogas of Naropa : Acharya RinguTulku
7. (Tibetan) A brief History of Karmapa and prayer for : C.R. Lama
the rapid reincarnation of H.H.Rang jung Rig pai dorjee
the 16th Karmapa
8. A brief biography of H.H. the Gyalwa Karmapa : Tashi Tshering
Hjig rten dbang phyog mthing mdog cod pan,
Hchang ba bcu pa chen pohi phyi yi rnam thar
Rgya mcho ltar tsha med pa’las chu thig tsam
Gyi sa bon bzhugs so
9. Functions and activities of SRIT
10. Publications of SRIT



Bulletin of Tibetology 1982 No.2
1. The Vaibhasika school of Buddhist thought : Dr. A.C. Banerjee
2. Buddhist ceremonies and rituals of Burma : Manikuntala De
3. The Lepchas of Sikkim : Nita Nirash
4. A commentary on the Dharmadharmatavibhanga : Khenpo Lhodo Zangpo
5. Functions and activities of SRIT
6. Publications of SRIT



Bulletin of Tibetology 1982No.3
1. Acharya Santaraksita : Dr. A.C. Banerjee
2. Did Atisa Dipankara Srijnana visit Sikkim? : Bhabatosh Chakraborty
3. Functions and activities of SRIT
4. Publications of SRIT



Bulletin of Tibetology 1982 No.4
1. Buddhism in Khotan : Dr. A.C. Banerjee
2. The Dependent Origination in Buddhism : Dr. Bela Bhattaacharya
3. Bhutanese culture: a short study : Col. T.S. Chadha
4. Functions and activities of SRIT
5. Publications of SRIT


Bulletin of Tibetology 1981 No.1
1. Tibetan medicine compared with ancient and : Marrianne Winder
medieval western medicine
2. The rise of Changchub Gyaltsen and the Phagmo Drupa period : Tsepon W.D.Shakapa
3. Devanagari text of Tarastotra (Panegyric) with translation : Jampa Yeshi



Bulletin of Tibetology 1981 No.2
1. Buddhism and Vedanta : Swami Lokeswarananda
2. Functions and activities of SRIT
3. Publications of SRIT



Bulletin of Tibetology 1981No.3
1. Buddhism: its contribution to Indian culture : Dr.A.C. Banerjee
2. Sikkim and Himalayan trade : Prof. Jahar Sen
3. Functions and activities of SRIT
4. Publications of SRIT



Bulletin of Tibetology 1981 No.4
1. Bon: the primitive religion of Tibet : Dr. A.C. Banerjee
2. Lamaism in Tibet: a brief survey : B. Ghosh
3. Functions and activities of SRIT
4. Publications of SRIT



Bulletin of Tibetology 1980 No.1-3
1. The Alambana Pariksa of Acarya Dignaga with commentaries : N. Aiyaswamy Shantiniketan
of Vinita Deva and Dharmapala, with Tibetan texts edited
and translated with notes


Bulletin of Tibetology 1978 No.1
1. Buddhist religion in Burma before and after 1885 : Trevor Ling
2. India and Tibet : N.C. Sinha
3. A scandal at Tashi Lhunpo : H.E. Richardson
4. Notes and topics: Budddhasasana in Tibet : N.C. Sinha
     Invention of Tibetan alphabet : B. Ghosh
Stupid barbarian / animal symbols in Buddhist art : N.C. Sinha
Sri Motichand Pradhan : M.P. Pradhan
5. Book reviews : N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1977 No.1
1. On Buddhistic (hybrid) Sanskrit : Sukumar Sen
2. Kong sprul yontan rgyam tsho : Tashi Densapa
3. Mipham on Ramayana : B. Ghosh
4. From the Theravada to Zen : Lama Anagarika Govinda
5. The Simla Convention 1914: a Chinese puzzle : N.C. Sinha
6. Notes and topics: “Obituary Yapshi Pheunkhang : N.C. Sinha
Gompo Tsering”



Bulletin of Tibetology 1977 No.2
1. Animal symbols in Maurya art : Niharranjan Ray
2. Sanskrit across the Himalayas : N.C. Sinha
3. The 13th Dalai Lama : Lobsang Rabgay
4. General Hung Mu-sung at Lhasa 1934 : H.E. Richardson
5. Mipham on Ramayana : B. Gosh



Bulletin of Tibetology 1977No.3
1. A short biography of Gromgon chos rgyal phagspa : Tashi Densapa
2. On Atisa’s itinerary in Tibet : Bireshwar Prasad Singh
3. India and Tibet : N.C. Sinha
4. Notes & topics: “In memoriam” : N.C. Sinha
5. Book reviews : N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1975 No.1
1. The temptation of the Buddha : Dr. Valentina Stache-Rosen
2. The story of Rupananda from Bemiyan, Afganisthan : Dr. P. Banerjee
3. Note i.   A translation of the biography of the Mahasiddha : Nathan Katz
4. Note ii.  Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : Dr. A.M. D’Rozario



Bulletin of Tibetology 1975 No.2
1. Sunyata and its significance in Buddhism : Prof. N.A. Sastri
2. How the Tibetan bodhisattva kings invited : Rechung Rimpoche
Atisa Dipankara Srijnana to Tibet


Bulletin of Tibetology 1974 No.1
1. Buddhist studies in Czechoslovakia : Josef Kolmas
2. The main features of the Tibetan dialect : Dr. Richard K.Sprigg
3. The Mahayana practise of the keeping of the eight precepts : Gelonga K.Khechogpalmo
4. Notes: Dependent origination, free will and moral responsibility : Nathan Katz



Bulletin of Tibetology 1974  No. 2
1. The three sisters in the Gesar epic : Dr. Siegbert Hummel
2. The Vessantara Jataka from Central Asia : Dr. P.Banerjee
3. The eight forms of Guru Padmasambhava : Lama Anagarika Govinda



Bulletin of Tibetology 1974No.3
1. Sir Tashi Namgyal memorial lecture 1974: : Krishna Deva
“Buddhist art and architecture in India and Nepal”


Bulletin of Tibetology 1973 No.1
1. Gunavarman (367-431): a comparative analysis : Dr. Valentina Stache Rosen
of the biographies found in the Chinese Tripitaka
2. Note.i.        Buddhist terms in a Christus-prayer : Dr. Ernest Hetenyi
                    of the Rohonei-Codex
3. Note.ii        A short history of Buddhism in Hungary : Dr. Ernest Hetenyi
4. Note.iii.      Phallic symbols : Rechung Rinpoche
5. Note.iv.      The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : A.M. D’Rozario



Bulletin of Tibetology 1973 No.2
1. A short study of the origin and evolution of different
styles of Buddhist paintings and iconography
: Rechung Rimpoche
2. Translation of Byangchub ltung bshags : Gelongma Khechogpalmo
3. Notes and topics: “The characteristics of rosaries” : K.Y. Hochotsang



Bulletin of Tibetology 1973No.3
1. Sir Tashi Namgyal memorial lecture 1973: : M.N. Deshpande
“Buddhist art of Ajanta and Tabo”


Bulletin of Tibetology 1972 No.1
1. Store consciousness Alaya-Vijnana: a grand : N.A. Sastri
concept of the Yogacara Buddhists
2. The basic principles of Buddhism and the correct method : Prof. Lhodo Zangpo
of practicing the holy Dharma
3. Alexander Csoma de Koros : Dr. Ernest Hetenyi



Bulletin of Tibetology 1972 No.2
1. Assimilation and the definite nominal particle in Balti Tibetan : R.K. Sprigg
2. Sakya Pandita’s “Subhasitaratnanidh”: a work on : B. Ghosh
elegant sayings
3. Phallic symbols in Tibet : Hugh E. Richardson



Bulletin of Tibetology 1972No.3
1. Sir Tashi Namgyal memorial lecture 1972: : Prof C. Sivaramamurti
“Buddha as a Mahapurusha”


Bulletin of Tibetology 1971 No.1
1. George Bogle’s treaty with Bhutan : A. Deb
2. A new approach to Gaudapada : N. Aiyaswami Sastri
3. Gilgit (and Swat) : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1971 No.2
1. Vignettes of decaying Buddhism : A.K. Majumdar
2. Prague collection of Tibetan prints from Derge : Josef Kolmas
3. India’s trade with Central Asia via Nepal : Jahar Sen


Bulletin of Tibetology 1970 No.1
1. Ming si lie and the fish bag : H.E. Richardson
2. Brahmanism and Buddhism : Naliaksha Dutt
3. Brahmana and Kshatriya : N.C. Sinha
4. The Tibeto-Burman group of languages and its pioneers : R.K. Sprigg
5. On the marriage customs of the Bangni : David W.M. Duncan



Bulletin of Tibetology 1970 No.2
1. Vyanjanabhakti and irregularities in Tibetan verb : R.K. Sprigg
2. Study of Sanskrit grammar in Tibet : Bhajagovinda Ghosh
3. Notes and topics:  “Obituary: gSal ston shwa sgom : N.C. Sinha
rgyalston sprul sku”



Bulletin of Tibetology 1970 No.3
1. The Historical and symbolical origin of chorten : Lama Anagarika Govinda
2. Gilgit in ancient times : Buddha Prakash
3. Notes and Topics: “What is Vajra” : N.C. Sinha/K.Y. Hochotsang


Bulletin of Tibetology 1969 No.1
1. Further fragments from Tun Huang : H.E. Richardson
2. Tibetan technology and the West : Michael Aris
3. Notes and topics: “Synopsis of Taranatha’s History : Nalinaksha Dutt
4. Obituary: Princess Pema Choki : Hope Namgyal



Bulletin of Tibetology 1969 No.2
1. Antiquity of the word bLama : N.C. Sinha
2. An invasion of North India after Harsha’s death : Mynak R. Tulku
3. Synopsis of Taranatha’s history : Nalinaksha Dutt
4. Tibet, Kashmir and North India 647-747 : Buddha Prakash
5. Notes and topics: “Sino-Indian inroads into North India” : N.C. Sinha
6. Obituary: Libing Athing : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1969No.3
1. Upanishadic terms in Buddhism : Bhajagovinda Ghosh
2. rGyal srid rin chen sna bdun : Lama Anagarika Govinda
3. Notes and topics: “The Ancient path of the Buddhas” N.C. Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1968 No.1
1. Byang chub lam gyi rim pa’i nyams len : Lobsang Lhalungpa
2. The refuge: India, Tibet and Mongolia : N.C. Sinha
3. Notes and topics: “Sabda Rupa : Mynak R. Tulku
and Eight Auspicious Objects” : N.C.Sinha/Mynak R. Tulku



Bulletin of Tibetology 1968 No.2
1. Nagarjuna’s exposition of twelve casual links : N.A. Sastri
2. The sKyabs mgon : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1968No.3
1. Panegyrics in honour of Sakya Pandita : Mynak R. Tulku
2. Chos srid gnyis-ldan : N.C. Sinha
3. Notes and topics: “Taranatha: rGya gar chos byung” : Nalinaksha Dutt


Bulletin of Tibetology 1967 No.1
1. Names and titles in early Tibetan records : H.E. Richardson
2. Non-animistic elements in Tibetan Buddhism : Siegbert Hummel
3. Notes and topics: “The grey wolf” : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1967 No.2
1. Bahyartha Siddhi Karika : N.A. Sastri
2. Grey wolf in Tibetan tradition : Mynak R. Tulku



Bulletin of Tibetology 1967No.3
1. A Tibetan antiquarian in the 18th century : H.E. Richardson
2. Beginnings of the Lhasa expedition: Young-Husband’s : Parshotam Mehra
own words
3. Notes and topics: “Some aspects of Tibetan learning” : Mynak R. Tulku/N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1966 No.1
1. The glottal stop and glottal constriction in Lepcha : R.K. Sprigg
2. Tax measurement and Lag’don tax : Wangchen Surkhang
3. Primitive maize with the Lepchas : J.K. Thapa
4. Was the Simla Convention not signed? : N.C. Sinha
5. Notes and topics: “The Himalayas” : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1966 No.2
1. Geographic regions of the Himalayas : Pradyumna P. Karan
2. Buddhism in Nepal : Nalinaksha Dutt
3. The Sikkimese theory of land holding and the Darjeeling grant : Hope Namgyal
4. Nepal: an Introduction : B.D. Sanwal
5. Bhutan today : N.K. Rustomji
6. NEFA: an Introduction : R.N. Haldipur



Bulletin of Tibetology 1966No.3
1. A tale of Asoka : H.W. Bailey
2. On the iconographical origin of Lcam sring, The God of war : Juan Roger Riviere
3. The Lama : N.C. Sinha
4. Jo Atisa in Serling and Tholing : B.R. Chatterji
5. Notes and topic: “The Tamang lama” : C.D. Rai and others


Bulletin of Tibetology 1965 No.1
1. How old was Srong brtsan sgampo : Hugh Edward Richardson
2. Principles of Buddhist tantrism : Lama Anagarika Govinda
3. The Tibetan tradition of geography : Turrel V. Wylie
4. Uttarakuru : Buddha Prakash
5. Notes and topics : N.C. Sinha
6. Notes and topics: “Uttarakuru in Tibetan Tradition” : N.C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1965 No.2
1. A metrical summary of the Saddharma-Pundarika : H.W. Bailey
Sutra in Gostana Desa
2. sMan gyi bla : Siegbert Hummel
3. Consideration on tantric spirituality : Thubten Tenzing
4. Tibet’s status during the World War : N.C. Sinha
5. Notes and topics: “On tantra” : N. C. Sinha



Bulletin of Tibetology 1965No.3
1. Masters of healing : Toni Schmidt
2. Mahayana Buddhism in South India: some aspects : K.A. Nilakanta Sastri
3. The missing context of Chos : Nirmal C. Sinha
4. Notes and topics: “Deze zongsar ngari Tulku” : Bhim Bahadur Pradhan
5. A fragment from Tun Huang : H.E. Richardson


Bulletin of Tibetology 1964 No.1
1 On Tibetology : Palden Thondup Namgyal
2. Nirvana Sunyata: Vijnaptimatrata : Nalinaksha Dutt
3. On the Caryapadas in Tibetan : Ram Singh Tomar
4. Historical status of Tibet : Nirmal Chandra Sinha


Bulletin of Tibetology 1964 No.2
1. Tantric Buddhism : Nalinaksha Dutt
2. Recent Russian Studies on Tibetology: : Jean M. Perrin
a bibliographical survey
3. Hacha for Lhasa : Nirmal Chandra Sinha
4. Obituary : Benoytosh Bhattacharya
5. A note on Mahacinatara : Nalinaksha Dutt